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Every woman is different in her own way. One thing that is definitely true is that you want to feel and look your best for your special occasion. Virtually every style is now in style and so searching for the perfect wedding dress might feel like going on a treasure hunt without a map. Take heart and put yourself in our hands, so that we can enhance your natural beauty and create the ultimate look for you. Creating one-off couture garments has been our main focus and we also offer you a range of ready-to-wear gowns to buy and to hire.

Almost every bridal gown is made in one of 6 basic silhouettes. Each of these shapes has strong advantages and disadvantages, depending on your particular figure. The first thing we will do is to determine which styles are most flattering to you. This may mean you try on gowns you wouldn’t normally choose. It’s not unusual for a prospective bride to arrive wanting a sleek, modern sheath and finding true joy in a ball gown. Once we find a style that works for your figure, we can focus on the details to make your special dress different. We will work with you to take account of your body’s contours, style, personality and, of course, budget.


Ball Gown

Introduced by Queen Victoria, and re-imagined by Dior in the 1950’s, the ball gown is never out of fashion and is the most romantic of all bridal silhouettes. It features a small waist (natural or dropped) and a voluminous skirt with petticoats. The skirt can appear weightless or heavy depending on the chosen fabric.

YES: The most flattering to women of average height with hourglass or fuller figures.

NO: This style of gown will overwhelm a petite bride and a buxom bride.

Slip Dress

For the most body-confident among brides, the simple and revealing slip dress is a stunning choice. This cut has its origins in the clingy gowns favoured by 1930s Hollywood actresses. This dress usually features flowing fabric and sinuous bias cut.

YES: Suitable for those lean and trim, tall and petite.

NO: Avoid if you have


This style’s name comes from the ‘A’ shape between the narrow bodice and outer edges of the skirt.

YES:         This flatters all figures and is ideal for short brides seeking a longer line.


The body-hugging sheath, popularised by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950’s, is sculpted with darts, tucks and seams. The effect will differ depending on the weight and drape of the fabric.

YES: A great choice for a tall, slim-hipped woman and for a petite, slender bride.

NO: Avoid this style if you have wide hips and narrow shoulders.


Closely related to the ‘A’ line, the full length vertical seams begin at the neckline, skim the natural waist and slide over the hips to create a flattering result. The seams may be piped, beaded, or otherwise accentuated.

YES:         Flattering to all figures and ideal for short brides seeking a longer line.


Napoleon’s wife, Josephine popularised this neoclassic dress with a very high waist. The skirt may be straight, slightly flared or even as wide as an A-line.

YES: The cropped bodice flatters the small-breasted woman. The Raised waist creates a long line, ideal for a petite bride.

NO: Not for the buxom bride.